What is Cooldown Studio?

Cooldown Studio is the world's first collection of art prints for the climate movement! 

We partner with world class illustrators to bring you prints that change the way we perceive the climate crisis. Prints that take the abstract messaging surrounding the climate crisis and translate it into emotions, feelings and hope for the future! 

How is art relevant to the climate crisis?

The climate crisis is also a cultural crisis. It's our social behaviour, ideas and relationship to the environment that needs to change. Rational and practical knowledge of science is extremely important. But equally, we need to engage culturally and emotionally if we want to motivate real action. Contemporary art has the intellectual and creative capacity to act as a change agent. 

Why are you planting 100 trees?

We want to challenge the perception of the climate crisis but we also need immediate action! 

Planting trees restores wildlife, sucks carbon out of the atmosphere and reduces poverty in communities most vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis! 

My question isn't listed here?

Feel free to contact us about anything at hello@cooldownstudio.com. We'd love to hear from you :)

The Artists

How do you select artists?

We research and curate our artists to find prints that represent the many facets of the climate crisis. We're working hard to create a diverse and inclusive group of contributors. 

If you're a professional artist or illustrator and want to submit some work for consideration, please email a link to your work and a brief description of why you think it's applicable to the climate crisis - hello@cooldownstudio.com

Does this support artists?

Absolutely, the artist gets paid for each print sold. We aim for the artist to get between 50%-90% of profits. The amount the artists get paid is set but the amount of profit it represents varies depending on how much is spent on marketing. 


Is shipping really free?

Standard shipping is free, yay! Depending on your location, we offer express shipping for an additional charge.

How long does delivery take?

Your order quality and speed is our top priority!








 4-6 DAYS

 4-6 DAYS

 4-6 DAYS

6-10 DAYS

7-11 DAYS

  • Each framed print is handmade to order
  • We ship from AUS, EU, UK and USA
  • Shipping includes production time

Where do you ship from?

We ship directly from our print studios in Australia, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the USA. We'll fulfil your order from our print studio closest to you!

Having a global network of printing partners allows us to keep transport emissions low and keeps delivery times down!

How do I track my order?

Once we've completed your order, we'll send you an email with a tracking number, letting you know it's on the way. Please note, the tracking number often takes 24 hours to become active. 

Why is my tracking number not working?

The tracking number often takes 24 hours to become active. This is because we generate it once we've shipped your item but it often won't register with the postage company until they receive the item at their depot. 

You can contact us at hello@cooldownstudio for assistance. 

How are the prints and frames packaged?

All prints and frames are robustly packaged. 

Our unframed fine art prints are hand rolled in protective tissue paper and then shipped in extra thick cardboard tubes. 

All framed prints are wrapped in a protective sleeve with individual plastic or cardboard guards added to each corner. Additional cardboard is secured over the print surface to minimise the risk of breakages or transit damage. Each print is then shipped in a heavy duty cardboard box.

We avoid using plastics and choose the highest recycled content for our packing, as much as possible although zero plastic is not always possible. 

Do I have to worry about customs?

If you're based in AUS, EU, UK or the USA, you don't need to worry about customs. If you're based outside of these countries and regions, you will be responsible for any customs costs.  


What's your sustainability policy?

Beyond planting 100 trees per order, we're as eco friendly as possible! 


we use neo pigment, water-based inks which are 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free and vegan friendly while maintaining the highest quality results.

Sustainably sourced Paper and Wood - our materials are FSC-approved, the Forest Stewardship Council. They certify forests meet the highest environmental and social standards.

Local Fulfilment - we work with a network of print labs meaning we print as close to you as possible, reducing international transport related emissions

Plastic-Free and Recycled Content - we avoid using plastics in our products wherever possible and always choose the highest possible recycled content for our packaging. 

Printing & Framing

What does museum quality mean?

The quality of prints is dictated by both the paper and the printing method. 

Our paper is sourced exclusively from Hahnemühle, the world's most famous papermaker. We use sustainably sourced museum-quality fine art print material (200 gsm). This ensures a smooth, clean finish that is extremely consistent and works perfectly with large illustrations.

And for printing, we use Giclée fine art printing, renowned for quality and extreme longevity. Giclée prints are displayed in museums, art galleries and private collections due to their rich colour density and 100 year colour guarantee.

What are your frames made of?

Our frames are individually handmade and fitted by specialist framers, delivered ready to hang. We use FSC certified and 100% acid-free materials and special plexiglass for increased UV protection. These high quality frames ensure the colours stay true.

Should I get print or a framed print?

It's up to you, of course :) both are great options. However, if you do choose to frame the print yourself, opt for a high quality frame to avoid the materials damaging the print quality over time. A FSC certified frame, created from 100% acid-free materials is vital for continued quality.

Tree Planting

Do you plant the trees yourself?

We have a planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects ('Eden'). Eden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to provide fair-wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration.

They're the experts at what they do! For each item sold, we make a contribution to them which allows them to plant 100 trees. They do this by hiring local people to grow, plant, and protect trees of a massive scale! Eden also as an "Employ to Plant" methodology which empowers local communities with multiple socioeconomic benefits. 

How can you afford to plant 100 trees?

The short answer is that planting trees isn't as expensive as you might think. 

Firstly, the large majority of the trees we plant are mangrove species. Mature mangroves produce and drop propagules. You can think of them as equivalent to a seedling. These propagules can quickly and easily be collected and then planted in mangrove marshes to give rise to a new tree. Planting in the marshes is quick and easy as the soil is soft and thus no hole must be dug. 

The second point is that our planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, is one of the best in the world at low cost, community orientated, large scale reforestation.

If you're eager to learn more, check out our reforestation page or check out Eden's website. 

Is my print more expensive because of the trees?

No! One of the biggest expenses for any business is marketing. For a business like ours, that means paying for ads on a platforms like Facebook. A good way to reduce this cost is having an awesome product and strong word of mouth! So we're hoping you'll tell some of your friends who would appreciate climate art as well as reforestation projects. That way we can spend more on trees and less on bombarding everyone with more ads on Facebook! Mark is already rich enough. 

What is the impact of 100 mangrove trees?

Over the life of an average mangrove tree, 308 kg (680lbs) of CO2 or 12.3 kg (185lbs) per year per tree. So in total, 30,800 kgs of CO2 sequestration for your 100 trees. 

But what does that mean? In terms of emissions, it's the equivalent of 

- 1,311 bags of waste being recycled instead of going to landfill
- a little more than a flight from NYC to London
- an average home's total energy use for 3.7 years! 

Not to mention alleviating poverty in some of the poorest communities in the world and helping to rebuild entire ecosystems. Whoop whoop! 

The EPA has a greenhouse gas equivalent calculator if you want to check the above stats and you can find some details above mangrove forest carbon sequestration here.

Do you plant indigenous/ native species?

We only plant native species and never plant invasive species. You can see the full list for tree species in Madagascar here.

How much does someone make planting?

Salaries for planters allow them to become upper-middle class within their communities regarding income. Often this is the first time they've had a regular income. The regular income of planters in communities has flow on impacts, helping them, their families and providing a steady stream of income into communities allowing other small businesses to flourish. 

When are the trees planted? How soon after the purchase?

We make contributions to our planting partner, Eden, at the beginning of each month for the previous month. 

Eden is fast and efficient in turning that contribution into planting! And Because mangroves' water needs come from salty seawater that surrounds them, they can be planted almost all year round (except for during hurricane season).

Can you provide proof of planting?

You are welcome to contact Eden Reforestation Projects (our planting partner) to verify that your trees have been planted. Our agreement with them is to plant 100 trees with each item sold. We report sales to them at the end of each month.

So for example, if you order in mid January, the contribution to plant your trees will be made in early February when we report total sales from January.

Returns & Refunds

Can I return items and get a refund?

If for any reason you're not totally happy with your prints, you may return them to us within 14 working days, in their original condition, for a refund or replacement. 

To return your product, send us an email at hello@cooldownstudio.com. Items will need to be returned to our Australian office. If you are returning due to buyers remorse, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs. 

Once your return is received, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. The items must be unmarked, in the same condition that you received them and in the original packaging.

What if my goods are damaged or incorrect?

As above, if your order arrived damaged, firstly, sorry! Simply take a few photos of the damage and send it to us within three business days - (hello@cooldownstudio.com). We'll get it replaced right away at no charge to you.